A cross-cultural journey
through the land of the Dead



S2E1: San Francisco’s Grateful Dead

For Season Two of Dead To Me, we’re taking a deep dive into the Grateful Dead’s studio albums. Or more specifically, we’re considering the original published sources of classic Dead repertoire. This distinction is important because not all of those tunes saw their initial appearance on official Dead records. Some, in fact, arrived on individual band members’ solo releases (which tended to feature contributions from many—if not all—core personnel). In addition to staples like American Beauty, Terrapin Station, From the Mars Hotel, Workingman’s Dead, and Anthem of the Sun, we’ll also cover Jerry's debut, Garcia, Bob Weir’s Ace, and Mickey Hart’s Rolling Thunder, along with—gasp!—official live releases that “substituted” for studio recordings (Skull and Roses, for example). We’re excited to explore the history and cultural context of these crucial audio artifacts. But most of all, we're psyched to riff on the music itself. Let’s start at the beginning with San Francisco’s Grateful Dead—a scruffy slice of pop-r&b with unmistakably psychedelic overtones that landed in March of 1967. Press play and get this trip underway!

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ABOUT Dead To Me

A cross-cultural journey through the land of the Dead
Dead to Me is a podcast about the Grateful Dead in the same way that Friday Night Lights is a show about football. Hosts Casey Rae and Eduardo Nunes explore a profound array of cultural intersections and how the Dead’s legacy ripples through our contemporary reality in fascinating and often unexpected ways.

Produced in partnership with ChunkyGlasses Media, Dead to Me is lovingly crafted to appeal to Heads and non-Heads alike. Through entertaining interviews and compelling segments—all tied to specific themes—Casey and Ed examine a range of social, cultural, political, spiritual and pharmacological phenomena alongside special guests who offer unique insights into the band and the American experience writ large.

Whether you’re a (tie) dyed-in-the-wool Head, or merely Dead-curious, Dead to Me is your venue for captivating conversations about music, culture, and so much more. It’s never too late to get on the bus.

It's never too late to get on the bus...