A cross-cultural journey
through the land of the Dead


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S2E6 - Set Break Part One with Jonathan Hart of Brokedown Podcast

For this special set break episode, Jonathan Hart of Brokedown Podcast pops by to talk about three Dead-adjacent albums that helped shape the band’s creative evolution. Originally conceived as solo efforts, Jerry Garcia’s Garcia, Bob Weir’s Ace, and Mickey Hart’s Rolling Thunder each brought something special to the Deadiverse, including songs that would become staples of live sets for years to come. Jerry’s album gave us “Deal,” “Bird Song,” “Sugaree,” “Loser,” “To Lay Me Down,” and “The Wheel.” Ace delivered “Greatest Story Ever Told,” “Black-Throated Wind,” “Looks Like Rain,” “Mexicali Blues,” “One More Saturday Night,” “Cassidy,” and the ultimate jam warhorse, “Playing in the Band.” And speaking of “Playing,” Mickey’s Rolling Thunder also features an embryonic version of the tune, then known as “The Main Ten.” So why did the band choose to reveal studio versions of these classic numbers on non-Dead releases? Jonathan and Casey talk about the possible reasons while offering insights on several key cuts. It’s an Osiris Network crossover for the ages!

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ABOUT Dead To Me

A cross-cultural journey through the land of the Dead
Dead to Me is a podcast about the Grateful Dead in the same way that Friday Night Lights is a show about football. Hosts Casey Rae and Eduardo Nunes explore a profound array of cultural intersections and how the Dead’s legacy ripples through our contemporary reality in fascinating and often unexpected ways.

Produced in partnership with ChunkyGlasses Media, Dead to Me is lovingly crafted to appeal to Heads and non-Heads alike. Through entertaining interviews and compelling segments—all tied to specific themes—Casey and Ed examine a range of social, cultural, political, spiritual and pharmacological phenomena alongside special guests who offer unique insights into the band and the American experience writ large.

Whether you’re a (tie) dyed-in-the-wool Head, or merely Dead-curious, Dead to Me is your venue for captivating conversations about music, culture, and so much more. It’s never too late to get on the bus.

It's never too late to get on the bus...